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David J Whyte

David has been a proactive member of the media community for the past 35 years as a travel writer & photographer - videographer and has visited dozens of amazing destinations around the planet. For most of that time, he served as Scotland´s official golf course photographer and PR, photographing every course, no matter how humble, in the Home of Golf.

He was born in Scotland and thus become involved in the world of golf and travel far & wide experiencing the game in so many wonderful places. In his travel writing & photography, he strives to capture the essence of a place, discover its most charming qualities, its quintessential character and of course its “enogastronomico”.

After spending his teenage years in America, playing in music bands and living the life of a hippie, he returned to Scotland to become a certified nurse and later abandoned everything to return to college and pursued English literature, becoming a travel writer & photographer. He now lives on the Portuguese island of Madeira and writes for prestigious magazines,  writes golf guides , plays in a rock blues band, and inspires other baby boomers like himself to  enjoy a fun, healthy living through travel, music, food & wine and fashion.

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